Waterjet Cutting Services

Our Waterjet Machining system uses a stream of water pressurized to 50,000 PSI, and garnet sand to cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses. The computer interface allows us to configure the cut on the material sheet to minimize waste and maximize the parts cut per sheet of material.

These are environmentally green systems, using only a natural garnet, abrasive, and water in the abrasive water jet cutting process.

Being your Ohio waterjet cutting service experts, we have three waterjets in Marysville, Ohio; all are 5-axis water jets. The Omax 55100 has a Tiltajet taper and The Maxiem 1530 has an A-jet head.


Machine builders know us as innovators and experts, getting more from the machine than the typical shop. Tool Technologies / Ohio Waterjet has developed proprietary, trade secret calibrations and methods in order to ensure tolerances of higher accuracy than those typically guaranteed by the industry. Depending on the part, tolerances of less than +/-0.003 inches can be maintained, when necessary. Our philosophy is: “It has a computer on it; It will do what it is told.”


Plastics: Carbon Fiber-Reinforced, Glass-Reinforced, any fiber-reinforced material including Kevlar.
Metals: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Tool Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass
Other: Glass, Stone, Concrete, Ceramics, Soft Rubber, Foam Rubber, Fiber-reinforced Rubber.

Multiple Cut Qualities

Multiple cut qualities can be made on the same part if, for example, only one section needs a super smooth finish. This process can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Parts can be made from a #1 quality (lowest) to a #5 quality (highest). The waterjet can be configured to maintain the #5 quality even through sharp turns and corners, keeping the run efficient on your precision cut part.


Ask About Our Design For 5 Axis Or Multi-Axis Waterjet Workflow

Single Piece to High Volume

A wide variety of parts can be cut for you, either single piece or high-volume project runs. The majority of our products support the R&D world in one-off or low quantity. Tool Technologies by Van Dyke / Ohio Waterjet has run over 18,000 unique and different part numbers! We are not a typical plate house, although we do have some projects that run up to 45,000 pieces a year. Typical projects are cut from flat materials, however, we can produce 3D parts as well. Although the majority of our waterjet cut parts are under 1-inch thickness, those under 2 inches are typically handled with ease. Our equipment can cut virtually all materials and thicknesses, and even up to nine inches in aluminum, and four inches in stainless steel.


0.005″ – 4″. Thicker is possible, although it takes more processing time and striations may become more visible. Thick or thin material, our waterjets can provide you the best cut parts the industry can offer. Most materials 1 inch and under are in stock, and thicker materials are available within days.

Reverse Engineering

If you need us to cut a new part for you, from an existing part you have, we can use our FARO ARM and a precision-optical locator. With the FARO ARM, you eliminate the need for the development of an engineering drawing. While engineering drawings in the .DXF format are best and provide the most seamless manufacturing, Tool Technologies can work from other CAD design formats as needed by the customer.

We have been so successful with our waterjet that the manufacturer recently wrote an article about Tool Technologies.

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