Other Services

Engineering Services
Tool Technologies is pleased to provide consulting services on-site at a customer’s worksite. Because of the vast variety of industries we have worked with, and with attention and respect to all Non-Disclosure Agreements, we can borrow for m the knowledge gained to offer solutions, and accurately troubleshoot problems that occur during the manufacturing process. Tool Technologies will advise you of any and all alternatives to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Tool Technologies uses expert contract welders as-needed to bring expertise and talent to your job. Our expert welders ensure you always have top quality welds for all your products. This allows your job to be finished in a timely manner without the added cost to you for overhead from welding staff.

CAD Experts
Howard Van Dyke is our lead Project Engineer. He ensures that your drawing is properly processed, regardless of its format. Howard and his staff are fluent in many different design software packages from AutoCAD to CATIA. Remaining current with design software allows us to import drawings from almost any data configuration and manipulate them to carefully craft your part. Additionally, your engineering team can consult with us on how to standardize your files for consistent and faster waterjet times.


  • CAD Experts
  • Ergonomic Solutions
  • CAD Experts
  • Concepts and Feasibility Consulting
  • Hold Down and Clamping Solutions
  • Simple Automation
  • Time Reduction Analysis