Tool Technologies by Van Dyke
Tool Technologies by Van Dyke provides you with quality parts and on-time delivery, saving you time and money, so that you can be more successful with less stress.

We use blended technologies here in Marysville, Ohio, specializing in waterjet cutting services, with additional CNC machining. This process allows faster delivery times. Additionally, our 3D scanning capabilities can verify at the highest level of accuracy and compliance. We have deep expertise in automotive jigs and fixtures, metal parts for electronics assemblies, and battery industries. We are a resourceful shop, allowing you to source all of your parts, from a variety of materials, with our team.

Since 2004, we have been using waterjet cutting to improve our processes. Over 18,000 unique part numbers to date have been made on our waterjet machines.

Contact us at 937-642-0505

Customer Testimonials

After 11 years I still feel like part of the Tool Technologies team. I know in a moment’s notice I can pick up the phone and call Steve directly, and within minutes have my request met. Brett Williams

Neptune Technology Group